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Acapulco Lighthouse

The lighthouse was a bit of a walk from the ship. I never did get all the way there. I walked until I came to a nice little park where I could sit in the shade. I used my drinking water to wet my paints – pretty common, but I did not have my little water cup so I used the lid of the bottle. It worked, but I had to keep changing the water as the lid was so small. The walk was nice, but my mind was busy remembering past visits, restaurants, not bungee jumping, and more.

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Thanksgiving in Denver

I went to my son’s home in Denver for Thanksgiving holiday. I had a few minutes to do a quick sketch while waiting to go to the airport, and home. I went out on his porch and this is what I saw. I penciled in a few marks and added color later – it was time to go. I was flying stand-by back to Phoenix. I was number 26 on the list, but I made it!

Now I am preparing to go on another cruise – and more paintings. Watch for details soon.

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Drawings from Lost Dog Trail

Wow. I’ve been away too long, from painting and this blog. Last post was a photo of me on Lost Dog Trail. It’s near my home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Below are three drawings from yesterday’s hike. I must admit I do not hike very far because of the time it takes me to draw. My focus was on hiking so I stopped briefly to sketch and added color later. I don’t like to do that, but I wanted to walk a little.

I drew with a new compressed graphic stick (very cool) and added the color later. It can make narrow and wide lines. I experimented with different color media on each piece. I used combinations of ink, colored pencils, marker, and watercolor.

Ramada at Lost Dog Trailhead © Michael Liebhaber
View along the trail © Michael Liebhaber
Trail view at sunset © Michael Liebhaber
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New Look

My website has been revised… finally. I’ve given it a new look. I added more paintings and restored the Elk Island Quartet Portfolio.
Click here to take a look: Michael Liebhaber

A portfolio of Lighthouses will be appearing soon. Until then, you can see the lighthouse in Malaga, Spain by clicking on my Travel Watercolors link over on the right side of this page. Enjoy.

I’m planning another road trip, actually an off-road trip, in central Arizona. Stay tuned for details.