My Story/Bio

I was born in Wisconsin, spent my formative years in Tucson, Arizona, traveled and lived abroad, and currently live in Colorado. Along the way, I earned a BA in Wildlife Biology, an MFA in Painting, and a PhD in Psychology. I have exhibited paintings and sculptures in Colorado, New York, California, Oregon, and in Germany. I have made a life and career blending my love of wild places, creativity, and people.

About the desert — When I was 8 years old, I walked into the Arizona Desert, alone (true). My journey spanned several years and countless miles of brush, cacti, and rock. I hiked to the tops of hills and crawled down into abandoned mines and caves. Hunted rabbits and scorpions. Discovered an unrecorded petroglyph site. Was surrounded by coyotes, javelina, and hundreds of bats. Ate cactus and agave fruits. Skinned an elephant (true again) and talked to snakes, mice, and a mountain lion. These experiences made me sensitive to the presence of living things. That all things are interconnected.

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