Statement …

When I was 8 years old, I walked into the Arizona Desert, alone. I never came back.

My journey spanned several years and countless miles of brush, cacti, and rock. I crawled into abandoned mines and caves. Discovered an unrecorded petroglyph site. Was surrounded by coyotes, javelina, and hundreds of bats. Ate cactus and agave fruits. Talked to snakes, mice, and a mountain lion. Ironically, this seemingly inhospitable place made me sensitive to the presence of living things, the mood and energy they project into the world. Those experiences taught me that nothing is as it seems.

Therefore, I question accepted beliefs and preconceived views of what is and is not. I imagine different realities, different possibilities.

My paintings are visions of something perceived, showing people, places, and ideas in ways that we do not normally see or think about them. Not fantasy, mythology, or fairytales. The paintings have a plausible connection to reality, but a reality whose boundaries are that of imagination.

Regarding materials, I paint with oil on canvas or board. I rarely use any mediums other than Gamsol solvent.

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In front of Noulin Galette, Montmarte, Paris In front of Moulin Galette, Montmarte, Paris