Statement …

When I was 8 years old, I walked into the Arizona Desert, alone. I never came back. Since then, I have learned that nothing is as it seems.

I like to show things in ways that we do not normally see or think about them. They are alternative interpretations of objects, ideas, and conventional beliefs.

Context, the relationship between figure and ground, is an important element in my paintings. An object can only be understood in relation to it’s context. Tall cannot exist without short, cold without hot. The meaning of one is not complete without the other. Understanding is derived from their interdependence, and so it is for my recent paintings.

I paint with oil on canvas or board. I rarely use any mediums other than Gamsol solvent.

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In front of Noulin Galette, Montmarte, Paris In front of Moulin Galette, Montmarte, Paris