When I was 8 years old, I walked into the Arizona Desert, alone. I never came back.

Unknowingly, I had stepped into a place of symbolism, paradox, and profound stillness. Where everything was nameless, unfamiliar, and uncertain, curiosity was my guide. There was no path. I had no purpose. Yet by not searching, I discovered many things. By not talking, I spoke with everything. I became aware of the flow of the harmonious interwoven energy around me. I learned that nothing is as it appears, that it’s much more interesting to live not knowing what comes next.

Because I believe that reality is what we imagine it to be, my paintings question appearances. They depict ideas, people, and places in ways that we do not normally see or think about them. They push beyond preconceived views of what is, what is not, and what can be.

Regarding materials, I paint with oil on canvas or board. I rarely use any mediums other than Gamsol solvent. However, when I travel, I like to sketch my surroundings in watercolor or on my iPad.

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In front of Noulin Galette, Montmarte, Paris In front of Moulin Galette, Montmarte, Paris