Thoughts about my work …

As a boy I walked away from home, into the Arizona desert. I never came back.

My journey took me through countless miles of brush, cacti, and rock. I treasure hunted in abandoned mines and caves. Visited an old-time cowboy. Discovered unknown petroglyphs. Been surrounded by coyotes, javelina, and hundreds of bats. Ate cactus and agave fruits. Talked to snakes, mice, and a mountain lion and inhaled the fragrance of creosote after a rain.

I became sensitive to the presence of living things, the mood and energy they project into the world. I discovered places beyond conventional interpretations and beliefs. I’ll take you there.

What do I paint? ….. Places, people, good bottles of wine and other such things. Moods, especially solitude, expansiveness, and mystery underlie much of my recent art.

Very brief bio …

Born In Wisconsin, USA
Spent my formative years in Tucson, Arizona.
Lived in 9 states and lived, worked, and traveled abroad for 8 years.
Exhibited paintings and sculptures in the USA and Germany.
First painting award at age 12 (I still have the painting!).
BA in Wildlife Biology.
MFA in Painting.
PhD in Psychology.
Teach Psychology at Adams State University.
Continue to create and exhibit my artwork.


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