About My Work (and me)

I you like art for the same reason I like making it, it’s because art …

helps us express our individuality, beliefs, and feelings.
makes us pause, think, wonder, and perhaps, gently smile.
provides us alternative ways of looking at the world.

I paint things that no one else can see. I have a camera for everything else.

Ideas for my paintings come from my travels, experiences, and from studies of themes and motifs from art history, ancient cultures, psychology, and the natural world. Solitude, expansiveness, mystery, wonder, and contentment are feelings that often run through my work. I like to simplify objects and compositions, exaggerate or collapse space, paint flat, and integrate items across time and contexts.

I was born in Wisconsin, but came of age in the deserts of Arizona, exploring abandoned mines, chasing rabbits, eating cactus fruits, walking with coyotes, and much more. I’ve skinned an elephant (really), surfed with a gray whale, programmed computers, earned a PhD and an MFA, worked on cruise ships, lived abroad, and been lost and found in many places.

About My Watercolors …

It’s usually what I do when I travel or am on the go. Watercolors are easily transportable and enable me to quickly capture what I see.


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