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Project Update: A tribute to Phoenix mountains.

I’m running behind. I finished Superstition Mountain then 80 million things happened. Ok. Ok. Not 80 million, only 30 million. I will not post the paintings until all four are finished. Do you want to see  Superstition Mountain? Then join me at Village Coffee Roastery this Saturday about 9:ooam. ( 8120 Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona). Until Saturday, enjoy this sunset scene from Ironwood National Monument in Northwest of Tucson. This trip was with some artist friends from Jerome in 2004. I have been coming here since 1971 and have spent one-hundred or more days and nights in this area. This trip was memorable for the number of young desert tortoises. I counted about six. That is six more than I’ve seen here, ever. Wonderful news. I also met one rather upset diamondback rattlesnake. I inquired as to the reason for his or her problem, but an answer was not forthcoming.

Sunset over Ironwood National Monument (oil, 7x5in, 2010)

2 thoughts on “Project Update: A tribute to Phoenix mountains.

  1. Michael,
    Thanks for your website! I like what you’re doing here and would like to invite you on to our blog. You have a unique perspective and thought perhaps we could do an interview with you. Check out the sight, just google “A Travel Painting Blog”. Feel free to send an email. Thanks and keep on living!

    1. Thanks Tom. I have run across you site before when I was looking for like-minded artists. I like the interview format. I’ll send you a note.

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