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Rule #1

Never promise to draw while on vacation.

I promised that I would do a drawing a day, on my iPad, while I am on vacation. Now I am being asked to actually draw someting. Whine.

Today was my first full day, so here is Vacation Drawing #1.

Vacation Drawing 01 (Michael Liebhaber, Digital-iPad, 2013)
Vacation Drawing 01 (Michael Liebhaber, Digital-iPad, 2013)

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Clouds, pigs, and mountains that look like camels.

Iconic Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s the highest peak in the Phoenix Mountain range. It’s also proof that people, even the early settlers to this land, cannot resist the temptation to give names to familiar shapes. Clouds look like puppies, bears and pigs and mountains look like cathedrals, bells, and camels.

Camelback Mountain, oil on panel, 8x10 inches.



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Backyard still life

Busy preparing classes and teaching. Result:  Drawing has slowed considerably; oil painting has essentially stopped. Temporary but necessary. I draw outside as much as I can, but we are having an “Indian Summer” in Scottsdale with above normal temps for late September. I just finished this drawing. It’s 5:30pm and 109◦F (almost 43◦ C). Good thing I was next to the pool.  🙂   I will pick up the outdoor drawing when the average daytime temps fall below 100 (38C).

Backyard still life (pencil, 10x8in, 2011)
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Doing the local scene near Scottsdale

Thompson Peak near sunset. Northeast of Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s about 4,000ft (1,200m). This view is near my house. The map shows a jeep trail up the back side. Sounds like it’s time for a road trip. Many of these old roads are closed or blocked these days. I might have to go open it. Fun! Stay tuned.

Thompson Peak (watercolor, 5x3in, 2011)