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Travel Watercolor: Venetian Port, Chania, Crete

Travel Watercolor: Scene at the Venetian Port in Chania, Crete, Greece.
The day was sunny and hot, the water, clear and cool.

Venetian Port, Chania, Crete (Watercolor & Ink, © M. Liebhaber, 2014)

Venetian Port, Chania, Crete (Watercolor & Ink, © M. Liebhaber, 2014)

Good morning coffee!

Early morning coffee (Michael Liebhaber, digital-iPad, 2014)

Early morning coffee (Michael Liebhaber, digital-iPad, 2014)

It’s a coffee sunrise

Coffee Sunrise (M. Liebhaber, digital-iPad, 2014)

Coffee Sunrise (M. Liebhaber, digital-iPad, 2014)

Spinnrädl Restaurant – A Favorite

I am putting together a show of my iPad digital sketches of old Kaiserslaltern, Germany. The Spinnrädl Restaurant is one my favorite iPad paintings, and places to eat. That’s me in front of it a couple of days ago, and my painting to the right.

The original photo that I worked from is below. It was taken by Peter Turgetto of the Kaiserslautern Media Center (which he founded) sometime in the late 1930s (best guess). Spinnrädl is one of the older buildings in Kaiserslautern, however, the building with the archway in the original photo was even older. Unfortunately, it was demoloshed to make room for a (tacky) new building.

Spinnrädl Wine Bar, Pub, and Restaurant: Schillerstraße 1;   http://www.spinnraedl.de



New Work: Sketches from Paris

They are online! Yeah! All of the drawings were completed on location. They are my usual travel size, 12x17cm (5×7″).

Some of them took a couple of visits, like the Cafe scene on Rue Lombarde, which always seemed to entail more beer and wine with each visit. I had to finish the view of the Seine more quickly than intended. Either that or toss the homeless guy who decided to sit next to me into the the river. He endlessly played the same 5 notes on his accordian. I decided to spare him and I moved along.

My view of Notre Dame was from near Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. Someone had placed one of the store’s chairs quite far from the store. However, the chair was almost perfectly placed for my drawing. I only had to move it “slightly” – – I did put it back. Pont Alexandre III epitomizes Paris. Unfortunately there isn’t any place to sit and enjoy it’s splendor. It’s surrounded by busy roads and is a fair walk from most tourist sites. Pont Neuf is my sentimental favorite. It was painted many times by Albert Marquet, an impressionist era painter whose work I like. My sketch is an homage to him. As near as I can figure, he either lived in, or knew someone, on the second floor of the building along Quai des Orfèvres that overlooks this span. The Left Bank is on the far side.