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Happy New Year!!!!!

Almost 2016 in Oregon – towards the end of the new year cycle. Happy 2016 to all of my friends around the world who have already celebrated. This image is one of travel. Who know what the new year will bring?

2016 new year 450

Have you entered your email address yet (in the right side-bar)?

I will soon send my email subscribers the hi-resolution digital version of my slightly eccentric 2016 calendar.

It’s 5×7 inches and can be printed.

I am going to tack mine up as a reminder that the year never goes as planned.

A small preview is below.

To get a hi-res calendar, enter your email at right or send me an email directly. It’s free.






Eccentric 2016 Calendar

2016 pleasant Journey calendar sm

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Behind the scenes – What I look at in a museum

What do I look at? When in Phoenix … I visit the Phoenix Art Museum (PAM). I saw some old favorites and new things, too. The Heard Museum is great, too, just up the road, but it was a PAM sort of day today. Here is a bit of what I spent my time looking at.

PAM sign 400

The highlight was the traveling exhibition of Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads: Gold by Ai Weiwei. It was very worth the trip. It’s a conceptual exhibit, so one has to read about it as well. Ok, one does not have to, but it helps. Another place for info is Ai Weiwei’s site (

I spent a lot of time studying the painting by Edouard Vuillard. I looked his brushwork, the layers of his colors, how he placed colors to create the illusion of shapes, and more. I also visited a bronze by my favorite sculptor Barbara Hepworth. It was class Hepworth, a powerful piece. I did not like where it was placed, on a shelf across a staircase, too far away to get its full impact. I also noticed a dreamy image by Agnes Pelton. It was almost a bit too surreal for me, but it was well done and its imagery pulled me in. My photo doesn’t do justice to her painting. If you cannot make it to the museum, take a look online at Oh yes, then there was Rodin.

Ai WeiWei and me200horse-snake-200


Hepworth200Rodin 200



List of images

· Ai Weiwei Exhibit (
· Madame Lucy Hessel Working at a Dressmaker’s Table by Edouard Vuillard, oil, 1908
· Aloe by Barbara Hepworth, bronze, 1969
· Kiss by Rodin, bronze, 1880
· Day by Agnes Pelton, oil, 1935


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Good morning coffee!

Early morning coffee (Michael Liebhaber, digital-iPad, 2014)
Early morning coffee (Michael Liebhaber, digital-iPad, 2014)
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It’s a coffee sunrise

Coffee Sunrise (M. Liebhaber, digital-iPad, 2014)
Coffee Sunrise (M. Liebhaber, digital-iPad, 2014)