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Market Fun, Flowers, and Oktoberfest!

I had a great time at the markets, once again. I took Foxy to the Sunday market in Hillsboro. She was a hit and met children who also had little foxes. I sold one of my favorite watercolors – it’s a scene of Decision Point Lighthouse in Alaska. My flower paintings also continue to go to nice homes. I must paint more of them!

Oktoberfest – It’s that time of year again. I’m not in Germany this year so I’m going to the one in Mt. Angel Oregon (www.oktoberfest.org). I’ll send a photo!

foxy at orenco

Travel Watercolor: Venetian Port, Chania, Crete

Travel Watercolor: Scene at the Venetian Port in Chania, Crete, Greece.
The day was sunny and hot, the water, clear and cool.

Venetian Port, Chania, Crete (Watercolor & Ink, © M. Liebhaber, 2014)

Venetian Port, Chania, Crete (Watercolor & Ink, © M. Liebhaber, 2014)

Annotated Alaska

Annotated Alaska – the images are out.
I took 13 watercolors from my many cruises through Alaska and digitally mixed them with a nice border visual. The border is a totem pole design. I call the series Annotated Alaska because  I write on them; notes about location and a brief narrative of the moment.

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I know you are dying to know…

It was a trick question. I was  – no-where. The lighthouse is a real place, in my mind. I did a series of lighthouses, inspired by Janes Cleland’s book, Silent Auction. I love lighthouses. For those of us who pass them by, they occupy that space at the intersection between beautiful, mysterious, and practical. So where was this light house? Nowhere. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll post the one that was described in the book. Read the book.

How do you deal with a trick question?

Where was I when I painted the lighthouse?  It’s a legitimate question, right? After all, I paint landscapes. I always know where I am. Right?  The clue is in the book Silent Auction by Jane Cleland.  It’s available for the Kindle, so you can have the answer by tonight.