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Acapulco Lighthouse

The lighthouse was a bit of a walk from the ship. I never did get all the way there. I walked until I came to a nice little park where I could sit in the shade. I used my drinking water to wet my paints – pretty common, but I did not have my little water cup so I used the lid of the bottle. It worked, but I had to keep changing the water as the lid was so small. The walk was nice, but my mind was busy remembering past visits, restaurants, not bungee jumping, and more.

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Another view of Turn Point Lighthouse

As we cruise past.

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Cruising past the San Juan Islands

My ship winds its way past the San Juan Islands, north of Seattle, as we head towards Alaska. Stuart Island, USA is the northern-most and last island we pass. We turn northeasterly, towards Canada’s Inside Passage. This point is aptly named, Turn Point with Turn Point Lighthouse. I’ve sketched these islands often, and decided to add some color to this one. They are quite picturesque islands, even on gloomy days such as this.

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New Look

My website has been revised… finally. I’ve given it a new look. I added more paintings and restored the Elk Island Quartet Portfolio.
Click here to take a look: Michael Liebhaber

A portfolio of Lighthouses will be appearing soon. Until then, you can see the lighthouse in Malaga, Spain by clicking on my Travel Watercolors link over on the right side of this page. Enjoy.

I’m planning another road trip, actually an off-road trip, in central Arizona. Stay tuned for details.

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Lighthouse – Ajaccio, Corsica

This lighthouse is on the grounds of the Citadelle which sits at one end of the Ajaccio harbor. It was difficult to find a good view, as usual for many lighthouses. I determined that best view was from a tall jetty that protected one end of the harbor, but I was not sure if  I was allowed to climb on it. I walked along the road that lead to the busy marina and jetty beyond, passed the marina gate, and noticed a set of partially obscured stairs in the jetty wall. I walked through the bushes, climbed up, and was rewarded with spectacular views of the lighthouse and harbor.

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Series of New England Lighthouse Watercolor Sketches

I am working on a series of watercolor sketches of New England lighthouses. Some of them will be shown in Sea View Gallery in Rocky Point, New Hampshire. I hope to see you at the opening. But there is a catch…

Rocky Point and the Sea View Gallery only exist in an upcoming book by Mystery writer Jane Cleland. The book will be released in 2010. In the meantime, Jane’s latest book is Killer Keepsakes. Check it out at Jane Cleland’s website.

As for the lighthouses in my New England watercolor series (like Nantoqua Point, ME in my previous post), they are fictional places. But the sketches are real and will be available soon. FYI: Only the watercolor’s in this series are fictional. All my other lighthouse watercolors are real places (e.g, Gurnsey Harbor Lighthouse)

In the meantime, Jane’s latest book, Killer Keepsakes, is due out in April 2009. Check it out at Jane Cleland’s website.

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New England Lighthouses

I am working on a series of watercolor sketches of lighthouses along the New England coast. Here is one of my pencil sketches for Nantoqua point light. The finished watercolor follows.

Prelim. pencil sketch
Nantoqua Point Lighthouse