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Welcome Autumn, Germany



Golden colors and crisp temperatures make for perfect walking weather, so I took myself outside this morning for a walk. Not a soul on the trail up to the castle, at least not any living ones, unless one counts the goats that had broken through their fence!


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Falkenstein Castle, Germany

Too many castles, so little time. Falkenstein was a fair-sized castle in it’s day. I caught it as the late afternoon sun was coming through the big windows.

This castle is in the German State of Rhineland-Palatinate and should not be confused with the other seven Falkenstein Castles in Germany, nor the other six Falkenstein Castles in surrounding countries! It doesn’t even make the Wikipedia list of Falkenstein Castles. Either those old-time Falkensteins got around, or they weren’t very adept at thinking up new names.

Regardless, it’s a cool place to visit because it’s free, has great views of the surrounding valley, you can drive to it, and there is a restaurant right next door (weekends only).

Michael Liebhaber; Late Afternoon at Falkenstein Castle, Germany; 2014; Pencil on paper, 25.5 cm x 18 cm
Michael Liebhaber; Late Afternoon at Falkenstein Castle, Germany; 2014; Pencil on paper, 25.5 cm x 18 cm.
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Rhine river cruise

Photos from my day cruise on the Rhine river just west of Wiesbaden. The day begain with a tour of Berg Rhinestine (Rhinestein Castle) and ended with a wine tasting in the heart of Reisling wine country. Drawings will be coming shortly – as soon as I recover from the wine tasting.

Me, duh, at the Germania memorial (Niederwalddenkmal) constructed to commemorate the foundation of Germany after the end of Franco-Prussian War in 1871. Rhine river below. This photo was taken silghtly after 1871, as Don Ameche had not yet invented the camera (with repects to the Marx brothers).


Views of Berg Rhinestein – – – – – –

From the river

An interior garden with burgundy grapes on the trellices.

Another garden, looking north.

Castle view. The iron basket on the upper right was used to persuade riverboat tax collectors not to continue their occupation ( about a 300 foot drop) on their first offense. They were out in there for a frew days. One their second offecse they got the same view without the benefit of the basket.
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Show at Visione

My opening at Visione was fantastic. Friends, co-workers, and friends of friends enjoyed art, champagne, great food, and wonderful company. We finally wrapped up about 11pm. I think everyone made it home without incident, except for one person, who shall remain anonymous, who received a parking ticket!  🙂

To see the virtual show, click the Exhibition link on the right.

The owner wants me to put up more work – it’s being printed as I write this and I’ll put it up as soon as I get it (probably about 10 days or so depending on mail speed). I am also printing a limited set of postcards with the Ramstein Village image on them. Send me an email if you you want one and are out of the area.