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Scenes from Ketchikan, Alaska

Back to painting. Here are scenes of Ketchikan, Alaska, drawn from the deck of the cruise ship. The first one is some of the many hillside houses that overlook the downtown port area. As you can tell, it was a rainy day in Ketchikan. In the next scene, I’m looking at the homes and businesses along the waterfront just after our ship has left Ketchican.

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New Look

My website has been revised… finally. I’ve given it a new look. I added more paintings and restored the Elk Island Quartet Portfolio.
Click here to take a look: Michael Liebhaber

A portfolio of Lighthouses will be appearing soon. Until then, you can see the lighthouse in Malaga, Spain by clicking on my Travel Watercolors link over on the right side of this page. Enjoy.

I’m planning another road trip, actually an off-road trip, in central Arizona. Stay tuned for details.