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Cartagena – Ants!

Hangin’ ’round in the Port of Cartagena by myself
And I had too much of a sweet fruit smoothie
And I was thinkin’  ’bout myself
And there it was….
This is a small area in the Port of Cartagena. It was calm and tranquil, unlike the city beyond the port gates. I chose a remote bench to sit on. Only then did I notice the ants. Billions all around. I had a bad run-in with ants in Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA. Great. Maybe I’ll only do a quick sketch and color it later. But something interesting happened. Even though a line of ants was marching along my bench, none of them bothered me. So I sat and did the complete painting. I had one or two ants investigate me, but they did not bite me. I do not know if I should take that in a good way.

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