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Art Trivia: What famous artists were born in January?

Five well known artists were born in January. Can y0u guess at least THREE of their LAST names correctly?

1. Yves__________

Hint: He was a merchant seaman who became THE Surrealist to whom the next generation of artists turned to for inspiration.

2. John __________

Hint: He had to re-paint a portrait because it was too risqué, which made it all the more famous. She was a married society woman in Boston. Was she his … ?

3. Paul __________

Hint: Often called the Father of Modern Art. He liked to paint apples.

3. Édouard __________

Hint: One of his paintings, shown below, is considered one of the two paintings that mark the beginning of modern art.

4. Elisabeth __________

Hint: She was the first female sculpture student at the Munich Art Academy. And it gets more interesting from there…

5.  Jackson __________

Hint: AKA “Jack the Dripper”. If you live in the USA and cannot get this one … then I’ll slap you up upside the head.

P.S. You cannot use the internet. I will know if you do.  Well, maybe.

Luncheon on the grass. 1863

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