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Selling Paintings at the Farmer’s Market

Hey – Mike and I went to the Scappoose (Oregon, USA) Farmer’s Market last Saturday. Here are some photos from the day. We worked hard. He was so busy he almost forgot to make me breakfast.

with water bottles

Photo 1 – Ready to go!

Photo 2 – All set up; just in time with thanks to my son’s wife, who lent a helping hand, and to Foxy, too.

booth middle 450

Photos 3 and 4 – I stood outside my booth and painted these while at the market. First is the rooster, mascot of the Market. It about a 4 foot tall metal sculpture. Second is the flower booth across from me.

Smarket-Rooster 450

Smarket-Bay Booth 450

I did well for my first time at the market. There was lots of interest and I sold a few pieces of art!

Photo 5  – We were tired. Foxy pooped out as soon as we got home.

asleep on printer sm

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