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Have Coffee, Cafe, will travel

It seems like a lot of my recent work has cafes as a theme. Thus today’s post is … The Hide Away Cafe in Solana Beach, California. I was in the San Diego area to visit old friends this past weekend. It was great to re-connect and to visit old haunts like the Hide Away. If you love local places to eat, especially for breakfast, they don’t come any more local, or funky, than the Hide Away. I won’t tell you exactly where it is (it’s “local” remember), but the beach at Fletcher Cove is a slow two minute walk away.  There’s a surf mural on the wall inside, the cinnamon rolls are killer, and it’s tiny. I was stoked the rest of the day.

I did the painting after breakfast. I stood on the sidewalk out front as I did the pencil sketch, then pulled my jeep around and sat in it to add the watercolor. I had to be careful where I parked. Large eucalyptus trees provided shade, but one tree was full of horny egrets strutting, and doing, their stuff. Look out below!

There are a couple of other local places I know about. How about you. I’d love to hear about your favorite local places… wherever they might be.

Hide Away Cafe in Solana Beach, California

3 thoughts on “Have Coffee, Cafe, will travel

  1. Michael,

    I am interested in whether you have prints of the Hideaway Cafe at Solona Beach available for sale and if so what size you have and what would be the cost? My email is Thanks.


  2. Michael,
    The Hide Away watercolor is fantastic! Looks great the way you framed it and a constant reminder of this funky little local place that we love. Thanks for your great work on this. You’re right…those cinnamon rolls are killer!

    1. Thank you, Bob. Glad you enjoyed it. It seems like many of my travel paintings center around cafes. 🙂

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