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Badgers at Badger Lake?

I looked and looked, but did not see a one. Not even any tracks or other signs. Sigh. Maybe next time. A badger is one of the few mammals that I have not seen in the wild.

My painting shows a view the campground at Badger Lake in Mt. Hood National Forest; west of Portland, Oregon. It was from my September trip. Check out the story; a couple of blog posts back. The red bushes are very dried out huckleberry plants.


Trees at Badger Lake CG on Mt. Hood, OR

Badger Lake CG, Mt. Hood, OR (M.J. Liebhaber, Watercolor & Ink, 2018, 8 x 10 in

Rusty purple trees winter landscape

Winter-5,Woodbury, CT

Winter-5,Woodbury, CT (Michael Liebhaber, Oil on panel, 8x8inches, 2007)

What’s with the purple tree?

Looking East from my attic window, over the rooftops of Hochspeyer to the edge of the state forest beyond. Hochspeyer is surrounded by the northern end of the Naturpark Pfälzer Wald (Nature Park Rhineland-Palatinate Forest). I do not have a clue about the purple tree. A nice couple lives across the street and I will ask them about their tree as soon as I speak German a little better.

State forest to the east (digital, 10x7.5in.)