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Rusty purple trees winter landscape

Winter-5,Woodbury, CT

Winter-5,Woodbury, CT (Michael Liebhaber, Oil on panel, 8x8inches, 2007)

Artist Trivia Answers: 6 well-known artists born in January

1. The merchant seaman who became THE Surrealist to whom the next generation of artists turned to for inspiration…..  Yves Tanguy
Born:  January 5, 1900, Paris
Died:  January 15, 1955, Woodbury, Connecticut, USA

2. He re-touched a portrait because it was too risqué, which made it all the more famous. She was a married society woman in Boston…..  John Singer Sargent
January 12, 1856, Florence, Italy
Died: April 14, 1925, London, England

3. He is called the Father of Modern Art. He liked to paint apples….  Paul Cézanne
Born:  January 19, 1839, Aix-en-Provence, France
Died: October 22, 1906, Aix-en-Provence, France

4. His painting, Luncheon on the Grass, is one of the two paintings that mark the beginning of modern art….. Édouard Manet
Born:  January 23, 1832, Paris, France
Died:  April 30, 1883, Paris, France

5. She was the first female sculpture student at the Munich Art Academy. And it gets more interesting from there…. Elisabeth Ney
Born:  January 26, 1833, Münster, Westphalia, Germany
Died:  June 29, 1907, Austin, Texas, USA

6 .  Also known as Jack the Dripper …. Jackson Pollock
January 28, 1912, Cody, Wyoming, USA
August 11, 1956, East Hampton, New York, USA

Barns in the Caribbean?

No. I’m off the cruise ship for a few days. I’ll return on Jan 31. I was thinking about my days on the East coast. The barn is an oil painting I did on location in Brookfield, Connecticut. It was late Fall / early Winter. I had driven past this barn many times on the back road from Danbury to New Milford. It screamed “paint me!” every time, so I finally gave in and painted it. It was freezing outside so I stayed in my jeep… where I eventually froze anyway. A sad ending… this painting was stolen from my studio. The only one to disappear – I guess someone liked it.