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Welcome Autumn, Germany



Golden colors and crisp temperatures make for perfect walking weather, so I took myself outside this morning for a walk. Not a soul on the trail up to the castle, at least not any living ones, unless one counts the goats that had broken through their fence!


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Rusty purple trees winter landscape

Winter-5,Woodbury, CT
Winter-5,Woodbury, CT (Michael Liebhaber, Oil on panel, 8x8inches, 2007)
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Fall farmland in southern Germany

It’s late Fall in Germany and I wanted to capture a bit of the coor that is left in the trees so I took a few minutes and I went exporing today. I found this farm a little ways north of Kaiserslautern. Conveniently, there was parking nearby so it was a short walk to the field where I stood to draw this. Good scenes = next to parking lots. Great scenes = next to parking lots and a place to sit. 🙂

Farmland near Rodenbach (digital, 10x8in, 2011)