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Scappoose Peace Candle

Scappoose Candle watercolor

    Scappoose Peace Candle
    6.5in x 4.5in / Watercolor & Ink
    Sat 3 February, 2018

    Story: Finding a vantage point to paint this Scappoose icon isn’t easy. It is almost completely surrounded by large, obnoxious billboards. Even this view, looking south, was not unobstructed (I chose not include them). It’s sad that the symbol of Scappoose, and world peace, is so obstructed – and in need of some caretaking.


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Barns in the Caribbean?

No. I’m off the cruise ship for a few days. I’ll return on Jan 31. I was thinking about my days on the East coast. The barn is an oil painting I did on location in Brookfield, Connecticut. It was late Fall / early Winter. I had driven past this barn many times on the back road from Danbury to New Milford. It screamed “paint me!” every time, so I finally gave in and painted it. It was freezing outside so I stayed in my jeep… where I eventually froze anyway. A sad ending… this painting was stolen from my studio. The only one to disappear – I guess someone liked it.