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Alamosa River

Early Fall near Alamosa campground in Rio Grande National Forest.

Alamosa River, Colorado, Rio Grande National Forest, 2019, Digital drawing.
Alamosa River, Colorado, Rio Grande National Forest; Michael Liebhaber, 2019, Digital drawing.[© Michael Liebhaber, 2019]

2 thoughts on “Alamosa River

  1. Well this is serenely beautiful. I know this country. Have been to The Great Sand Dunes multiple times. My father built a cabin tears ago in Southfork, so I have travelled the lower tier of CO multiple times. I always look at the plants.?

    1. Wow. South Fork? I didn’t know that – or forgot it. I’m hunkered down just down the road in Alamosa. Not much painting tases days as school starts in 3 weeks.

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