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Having fun at Oktoberfest


I took a holiday, not to Munich, but to the little town of Mount Angel, Oregon. It’s their 51st year of celebrating Oktoberfest. They are really into it: 3 beer halls with entertainment and lots of good food that benefits local schools, churches, etc. I didn’t eat all day so what does every artist do? I ate dessert first! Then, of course, was beer. Back to making art tomorrow.

On the way to Mount Angel…


The first order of business…. then on to see how much Oompah music I can listen to. Note to self: Don’t try to drink the fox’s beer. She will bite.


Having fun.

Back home. All partied out on way too much Oompah music.

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Won’t you be my neighbor?

I am in the middle of a series of about 10 paintings ¬†inspired by a line from Mr. Roger’s theme song:¬†Won’t you be my neighbor. It’s a series of digital paintings of my new neighborhood in Southwestern Germany. I have uloaded some of the completed paintings in earlier blog posts.

I like the musical muse and am planning several more projects.