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Ridge where the west commences

River valley in the mountains
Ridge where the West Commences, 40 x 30 in, Oil on canvas, 2022.

As soon as I saw this place I instantly thought of the song “Don’t Fence Me In” as sung by Gene Autry. It’s a view, looking due West, towards the headwaters of the of the Rio Grande river (in the distant mountains). The view is from Brown’s Lake Overlook (AKA Weminuche Wilderness Vista) along the Silver Thread Scenic Highway (CO 149).

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Self Portrait, v. 2016

Self Portrait v.2016, Oil on canvas, 48x36in (91.4x122 cm), 2016, Michael Liebhaber
Self Portrait v.2016, Oil on canvas, 48x36in (91.4x122cm), 2019, Michael Liebhaber)

Living things exude mood and energy, but this presence can only be understood in relation to context. Thus, figure and ground exist in symbiotic dualism; both independent, yet one does not exist without the other. Understanding is derived from their interdependence.

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