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About my Travel Paintings

I love to paint places to which I travel. At the moment, I work on a cruise ship. My time in port is often brief, so I work quickly. My paintings and drawings are a combination of feelings and details. How I feel and how I draw are linked in my work.

My paintings capture my personal experiences of the places I visit. For me, places are the specific elements or objects in a natural or man-made area that capture my attention. A place can be buildings, a street, or a grove of trees. I rarely go somewhere to paint a particular subject. I walk and let my eyes find pleasing shapes and lines.

Most of my travel paintings are done on location on a smooth 5×7 inch watercolor pad, a pencil, a good, large brush, and a small set of watercolor cubes. I use watercolors because they offer a full range of color in compact form, which is important because everything must usually fit into one pocket of my cargo pants.

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