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Charming old chapel torn in half.

This little church in Landstuhl, Germany has seen better days, at least architecturally. I’ve walked around it before, trying to get a good angle. Around and around. This is the best view. The problem is that the nave of the church was torn down because it was in unrepairable shambles. But the church is so small that the nave was about half of the church. It is still pretty from this angle and it’s interior is charming.

The “renovation” was done relatively recently, some time in the 1800s. That’s recent considering the church was built about 1300 and that there are records of graves in the church yard, from a previous wooden church, at least a couple of hundred years before that!

Alten Kapelle
Alten Kapelle, 5×7″, ink and pencil on paper.


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Old Town, New Project

I took a walk around the old part of Landstuhl Germany yesterday. I noticed that it’s full of old buildings and other old stuff. Some of the old stuff was older than the buildings. For example, the remains of a Roman grave is from about the year 100, which is way older than the Old Chapel (Alten Kapelle). It was built about 1300. By comparison, St. Andreas Church is much newer. It was built in 1752.

I got some nice ideas for paintings. So I guess I have started another project:  Old Landstuhl.


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My Paintings are for Rent!

I have 4 travel sketches at the Landstuhl Public Library. It’s part of their Artothek program. Artwork can be checked out, just like books, but there is a fee and some other restrictions. I like the program because it’s a way to get original artwork into more people’s homes, even if only for a short time.

Sorry to my friends living elsewhere. We’ll have to create an Artothek-like program where you are living!

My page:

Landstuhl Public Library Artothek Program:
Hauptstrasse 3a
66849 Landstuhl, DE
in the Bürgerhaus [Community Center]

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Today’s castle – Burg Nanstein

I set out to draw Nanstein Castle in Landstuhl, Germany today. It seems like all I paint these days are churches and castles. Don’t ask me why. According to what I read, most of the castle residents were less than reputible folks and the “kights in shining armour” were their enforcers.

But luck was with me today… I got a set in the shade for the first drawing; it was a very sunny day. The second view came from my seat at the little cafe in front of the castle, where I was eating lunch. It was quite a good lunch, too. They served traditional German food.

M. Liebhaber, Burg Nanstein, Watercolor and Ink, 2012
M. Liebhaber, Burg Nanstein Entryway, Watercolor & ink, 2012