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Hanging out in Grenada

I’m in the capital city, St. George’s. No drawing, just eating today. I have painted here in the past (see my Caribbean portfolio). I’m standing in front of “the tunnel.” It’s the quickest way to get the other side of the fortress hill, but it will test you…. it is a one-way, narrow car tunnel. Walking with one’s body as close to the wall as possible is suggested. Mindless tourists are targets for drivers… really! I’ve seen cars deliberately swerve towards people walking too far from the wall.  Below is the reward, the Ocean Grille, a Caribbean-style cafe. It has an unpretentious, weird, funky vibe. If you visit Grenada on a cruise ship, I recommend a walk through the tunnel to the Ocean Grille.

About to enter "the tunnel"
Panorama of the Ocena Grill restaurant