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American women artists with March birthdays

March is Women’s History Month in 2011. I am doing a series of brief posts about women artists who were born in March. Today’s artists are Melissa Miller and Jennifer Bartlett.

Melissa W. Miller (born March 3) is Associate Professor of Drawing and Painting at the University of Texas at Austin. Like Rosa Bonheur before her, Melissa Miller paints animals. Despite obvious differences in style, both are successful in spite of going against prevailing norms.

Jennifer Bartlett was born on March 14th in California. She has exhibited her work around the world and is widely collected privately and by museums throughout the world. Her work ranges from representational to abstract art and is executed in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, print, and installation.

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Bartlett, House # 16, Silkscreen on paper, 14×14 in.