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Modern Art Books Online – Free

The Guggenheim museum recently digitized and released 65 catalogs about artists, with pictures, from its publications archive at

You have can also download them at

For more information, read Free: The Guggenheim Puts 65 Modern Art Books Online at Open Culture.

2 thoughts on “Modern Art Books Online – Free

  1. Michael,

    I am a friend and painting pal of Pam Mork-Keegan. I am really interested in the ipad paintings. Could we get together sometime and you could show me how it is done. I love the new David Hockney ipad pictures too.


    Patricia Davis

    1. Patricia,
      I would be happy to share what I have learned. I will send you an email to arrange a time. In the meantime, I suggest getting a stylus if you don’t have one already. I think the generic one that’s sold at the BX would work. The Apple store in K-town ( has them, too, and perhaps a slightly larger selection. There are several drawing apps. I use Sketchbook Pro. In my opinion, it is more drawing/painting oriented than design oriented (e.g., Adobe products). In other words, I think more like an artist and less like a designer – if that makes sense?

      Thank you for the note about David Hockney. I’ll check out his site.

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