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Hey. We missed a nice place in Acapulco.

The photo shows the street entrance to a shady promenade with many trees and fountains. It was wonderful relief from the warm sun, and was surrounded by little shops and cafes.  Acapulco Bay was at my back, across the street.  The promenade led back to a large, relatively modern church called San Filipe de Jesus. The entire roof of the church was one big dome. Inside, the statues were being covered with purple cloth in preparation for Good Friday. Inside, to the left of the main door, was a life-size crucifex done in early colonial Spanish style; dark wood, beautifully grotesque, oozing lots of emotion.

Plaza Panorama

I spotted this pretty bird on the rocks at the pier on my way back to the ship. It was moving from rock to rock, looking for a meal no doubt.

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Acapulco Lighthouse

The lighthouse was a bit of a walk from the ship. I never did get all the way there. I walked until I came to a nice little park where I could sit in the shade. I used my drinking water to wet my paints – pretty common, but I did not have my little water cup so I used the lid of the bottle. It worked, but I had to keep changing the water as the lid was so small. The walk was nice, but my mind was busy remembering past visits, restaurants, not bungee jumping, and more.