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Moonrise over the San Luis Valley, Colorado

Moonrise over the San Luis Valley, dark sky, dimly lit Sangre de Cristo MOuntins, moon in sky at left, scrub brush in front of mountains.
Moonrise over the San Luis Valley (Michael Liebhaber, Oil on canvas, 40×30 in., 2022)

On a cool evening, the feeling of a moonrise over the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Looking East from near Alamosa, Colorado. Three 14,300+ foot (4359 m) peaks are visible towards the right: Ellingwood, Blanca (Sisnaajini), and Little Bear.

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White River at Keeps Mill

Apparently, Keeps Mill was a stop on an alternative route around Mt. Hood on the Oregon trail. If that’s true, how people got wagons in and out of here, I do not know. The hillsides rise quite quickly from both sides of the river. The White River flows from the White Glacier on Mt Hood. Keeps Mill is a primitive, secluded campground at the end of Forest Road 2120 (note to self: Watch for speed bump at end of pavement). The last mile is down a rocky, narrow, steep, exposed hillside. Did I mention a really tight switchback and talus fields?

Oil painting of White River in a forest
White River at Keeps Mill, Michael Liebhaber, 2019, Oil on panel, 40 x 30 inches
[© Michael Liebhaber, 2019]