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Simple checklisk for buying artwork as a gift

My suggestion:  Only purchase a painting,  drawing, or print for another person when the other person …

  • is with you or
  • has written the name of the artwork and the artist and given it to you.

An exception is when you have seen the artwork together, the other person gushed over how much he/she would love to have it, and you go back later to buy it.

But:  If you are still determined to buy something, then use this checklist …

Check all that apply:

___  The other person is not with you and has not told you what to buy (it will really be a surprise).
___  The other person has not seen the artwork yet.
___  You love it and know that the other person will love it, too.
___  You may or may not like it, but are pretty sure that the other person will like it.
___  The artwork is a scene of somewhere you both have been.
___  The artwork is by a (relatively) well-known or popular artist.
___  Similar artwork has been going up in value.
___ The artwork costs money.
___ The artwork is free.

If you checked one or more of the above items → DO NOT BUY IT.