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Happy Holidays to Everyone

Something new for the coming new year… portraits.

From the painting Emeraude, by Alphonse Mucha (Michael Liebhaber,Emeraude Study, Graphite on paper, 15x21cm, 2014)
From the painting L’Emeraude, by Alphonse Mucha (Michael Liebhaber, Emeraude Study, Graphite on paper, 15x21cm, 2014)
























The original L’Émeraude, created by Alfons Mucha, was a poster in the series titled The Precious Stones (1900, lithograph, 67.2x30cm). His paintings and illustrations were first called the Mucha Style, but soon became to be associated with the Art Nouveau style; a style that emphasized flowing, natural forms.

Alfons Mucha
* 24 July 1860 Ivančice, Moravia (now Czech Republic)
† 14 July 1939 Praha (Prague), Czech Republic