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Three Little Birds

Young black boy, white shirt, holding backpack over left shoulder
Three little birds, 30×24 inches, Oil on canvas, 2023, Michael Liebhaber

I was in Castries, the capital city of Saint Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean. I sat down to paint The Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. I was in a parking lot across the street. Apparently a school was nearby because the area was suddenly swarming with elementary-age school children. This is one of three young boys who ran up to see what I was doing. I still remember their smiles and energy. When I think of them, I am reminded that everything will be alright, a line from Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.
FYI: If you get to Castries, visit the Cathedral. It’s plain on the outside but the inside is amazing; all wood, delicately painted.
The background design was inspired by island colors and the Saint Lucia flag.

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